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The books, the pool, the school

Is it possible that the innocence of children can be eroded through library books or while spending the day at the pool? In Pella and other Iowa communities, parents and other protectors of children are attempting to expose the sexualization of children by harmful books in public libraries, gender identity propaganda at pools and more. Join the Pella-born advocacy group, Protect My Innocence, at 6:00 pm on January 29th at the Pella Memorial Building for a public Q&A session with Senator Jim Carlin. Carlin is running for the US Senate seat against Chuck Grassley and is a fierce defender of the innocence of children. Our mission is to help inform Iowans about these issues that threaten our children's innocence, assist state and local officials as they make decisions to protect our youth and mobilize families and communities into effective action. For more information, visit

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