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To the Iowa General Assembly:


WHEREAS, in 2007 the Iowa General Assembly added “Gender Identity” to the Iowa Civil Rights Act granting individuals identifying as the opposite of their biological gender special status under the law.


WHEREAS, the addition of “Gender Identity” has emboldened individuals to express their preferred gender in ways that are harming innocent minors.


WHEREAS, unintended consequences and dangers have substantially arisen because of the law’s current form. Parents of minors have no recourse from exploitation in public areas because of “Gender Identity” laws.


THEREFORE, be it resolved that, WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, petition the Iowa General Assembly as follows:


To address the concerns of Iowans regarding “Gender Identity” and other forms of gender expression as a protected civil right above the civil rights of minors. We petition the Iowa General Assembly to protect our minors in public spaces from forms of gender expression that results in exposing minors to forms of nudity of the opposite gender.

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